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STARLINK: Professional Development for Higher Education

STARLINK logoSTARLINK's purpose is to provide professional development training support and inspire faculty and staff with learning solutions to improve student success. STARLINK was established in 1989 with a Perkins State Leadership grant. Since its founding, STARLINK has been committed to empowering student success and providing exceptional professional development to higher education communities. STLCC's membership in STARLINK gives you access to all online courses and resources. This allows STLCC faculty, adjuncts, staff, and administrators to take responsibility for their growth and development, giving them the ability to personalize their learning with on-demand courses. STARLINK provides courses that maintain academic rigor, technical knowledge and skill sets which drive positive growth. STARLINK offers members a personalized dashboard to track training and 24/7 access to over 200 hours of professional development training through its eLibrary. New courses, features, and webinars are released monthly.

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Hot Topics in Higher Education: New Series

Top Apps for Teaching Success (31:45)

In this fast-paced Hot Topics Series, STARLINK features the top apps recommended for teachers, by teachers.  Additionally, Dr. Jeff Borden, Chief Innovation Officer for Saint Leo University in Florida, shares innovative apps that will transform your teaching success.

STARLINK: Watch This!

What the Best College Teachers Do, Presented by Dr. Ken Bain

What the Best College Students Do with Ken Bain

About the course: Combining academic research on learning and motivation with insights drawn from interviews with people who have won Nobel Prizes, Emmys, fame, or the admiration of people in their field, Dr. Ken Bain identifies the key attitudes that distinguishes the best college students from their peers. 

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