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Phi Theta Kappa Honors Study Topic for 2012/2013


Phi Theta Kappa serves students in over 1,275 community colleges around the world by fostering an environment for intellectual growth and challenge and creating opportunities for leadership and action. The Honors Program provides guidance through the Honors Study Topic. Phi Theta Kappa offers an excellent study guide for their members on their website: (and see link below). Beyond those resources, this library guide will offer information about local availability of materials and suggestions for further research.

Honors Program Guide

Thinking about the Culture of Competition

Ten themes and hundreds of directions- how to narrow and expand the search simultaneously?  Take a look at Credo Reference Just entering the word competition brings back over 15,000 results from the arts, the social sciences, business, history and science.  Convert that search to a concept map and fly your mouse across the spectrum of information.  The definitions, examples, biographies, charts and graphs will offer insights and structure.

Statistics: there are thousands of resources for statistics - we'll cover a few here, but be sure to talk to a Reference Librarian for more.  The old standby will always be the Staistical Abstract of the United States - it covers a wide range of topics and time periods. find it in print in the Reference Department or search it online at:  For materials beyond the US borders, take a look at the United Nations or the Interantional Monetary Fund or the World Bank

Finding people engaged in the subject: Newspapers report both bad news and good - looking at the St Louis Post-Dispatch will tell you who is actively engaged.  Take a look at the St. Louis Beacon too  and for reall grass roots, check out The Patch many local communities have their own edition. Beyond that, there is a database, Encyclopedia of Associations that lists thousands of associations, clubs and organizations devoted to thousands of different topics:

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