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COM 101 - 20th Century Time Capsule Presentation - Ross - 2019: Start Here

This course guide provides resources to help students successfully complete the course time capsule project. It also offers resources to generate curiosity and to help students improve their information literacy and research skills.

Develop Your Research Skills

As you become a practiced researcher, you will discover that the research process is never linear. It can be messy. Expect and welcome twists and turns; keep an open mind, and keep asking questions throughout the process. Use many different kinds of search tools, resources, and conduct many, different kinds of searches. Research can be fun, and it is a useful and valuable skill to learn. RESEARCH:

Short Tutorials to Develop Research Skills

Plagiarism & How to Avoid It: It is very important that you understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. View the short tutorial below. Need Help? Consult with Writing Center tutors at any STLCC campus. 

As you prepare your presentation...

As a group (3-4 to a group) prepare and present a time capsule for the decade you are researching in the 20th century. Assume the time capsule will be opened 100 years from now. 

As you prepare your presentation, keep in mind the following question:

What do you want the next generation to know about life during that century?

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