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World History: Citing Sources

This guide will help you find reliable information on history, in both print and online sources.

Why Cite Your Sources?

  • By citing, you're giving credit where credit is due. You're clearly stating that the information you're presenting is not the result of your own work, but the work of other people.  When you pass off others' research or ideas as your own, intentionally or not, you're committing plagiarism, a very serious offense.   Visit the STLCC Prevent Plagiarism page for more information on plagiarism and how best to avoid it.
  • You're allowing others to gauge the reliability of the information in your paper or project.  Through your citations, readers can locate the very same sources you used, and can then evaluate for themselves the accuracy of the information within those sources.
  • You're helping others conduct their own research, by directing them not only to the sources you've used, but to the further resources which your sources cite.

Books For Citation and Formatting Help

These books are the authoritative guides for each style. Consult them for help with your citations, and with formatting your paper.  Click on a title or book cover for more information, including where to find the book in your STLCC campus library. 

STLCC Style Guides

These handouts provide brief descriptions of the citation style and examples of the most commonly used resources.  They are in PDF format for easy printing.

Citation Generators

  • While citation generators are convenient, and generally do a good job creating citations, it's your responsibility to make sure that all the citations in your paper are correctly formed and complete. 
  • The books and STLCC Guides listed on this page can help you determine if your generated citations are accurate.

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