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IDS 101 - Burke - Fall 2012 - Shakespeare: Internet/Web

Evaluating Open Web Resources

When you plan to use information from the Internet for academic purposes, you should consider the following criteria and ask yourself the corresponding questions:



  •   Is the information presented accurate?   
  •   Are the facts verifiable from other sources? 
  •   Is the information presented clearly, with few mechanical and grammatical errors?


  •   Who is the author of the document?
  •   Is the author the original creator of the information?
  •   Is the author an expert on the topic or a professional in the field?


  •   Does the material inform, explain, or persuade?
  •   Does the author have a bias?
  •  Is the author affiliated with particular organizations, institutions, or associations?  Does the organization supporting the site have a particular point of view?
  • Is the information presented fact or opinion?


  • On what date was the page created?
  • Do you need more current information?
  • Do links on the site still connect to their destinations?


  • Would you quote information from this site in a college research paper?
  • Is the type of material appropriate for the assignment?
  • Does the source include a bibliography or citations that can be used for comparing or verifying information?

Open Web Resources

 Fun resources from the Open Web.

Subject Guide

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