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Fair Trade and Fair Food Movements

Food Inc. in Library Catalog

Using the Films on Demand (FOD) Database

The Films on Demand (FOD) database contains thousands of films and film clip segments on many topics. Films can be viewed in their entirety or by segment, making them ideal for presentations. You can create a private and free user account to keep track of favorites and to create playlists. Films on Demand contains several good films on Fair Trade, including the following titles. Select the FOD icon above to start. Search by title to locate the film for streaming. Only STLCC students, faculty and staff have access to Films on Demand.

The Bitter Taste of Tea: A Journey into the World of Fair Trade (59:00)

 This program travels to tea estates in Sri Lanka, Kenya, India, and Bangladesh—some traditional, some fair trade—to expose unsafe work environments and labor exploitation. Finding little meaningful difference between fair trade and non–fair trade operations, questions arise: Are fair trade organizations such as the E.U.’s Max Havelaar Foundation being duped by tea growers? Or are growers doing the best they can in a brutal industry and a market that has yet to demand the quantities of fair trade tea that would create meaningful trickle-down profits for their workers? It is left to the viewer to weigh the arguments and decide

 Black Gold (77:00)

Coffee is the second-most actively traded commodity on the planet, reaping billions in annual retail sales. But farmers make as little as three cents for each cup sold, with most of the rest going to giant food conglomerates that control the coffee market. This highly acclaimed documentary follows a manager from an Ethiopian coffee-farmers cooperative as he tries to negotiate a living wage for the growers he represents. The film explores issues of globalization, fair trade, and the impact of Western consumerism on the rest of the world as it makes the provocative point that international commodities markets are deliberately rigged against developing countries. (NOTE: The STLCC-FV Library also has a dvd copy of Black Gold on reserve. See:  

Link to publisher's web site for additional information.

Fairtrade: Who Benefits? (24:00)

Every year, more people learn about the Fairtrade organization and buy Fairtrade-approved products. What are the benefits of Fairtrade certification and how does the system work? This program explains, using case studies of Fairtrade’s activities and interviews with individuals involved in the organization. Viewers learn about the meanings behind the Fairtrade label, how the Fairtrade premium is determined and applied to pricing, and how the group encourages farmers to form cooperatives in order to increase their influence with suppliers and buyers. Ways in which Fairtrade is promoted, such as Fairtrade Fortnight, are also discussed. Produced in the United Kingdom. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A part of the series Because Food Matters.

Fair Trade - The Movie (Length: 8:40 minutes)

Fair Trade is about helping small family farmers in developing countries get organized and develop their business skills in order to tap into the world market directly.

A Note about YouTube

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The Fair Trade video above was found by doing a keyword search in YouTUbe for Fair Trade.

NOTE: YouTube is a classic example of one of the strengths and weaknesses of the Internet, which is the fact that anyone can post videos. As such, the quality and scholarly acceptability of videos varies greatly. There may be useful video clips on YouTube, but you must EVALUATE them for authority and relevance. Before referencing any material from YouTube (or other video sites on the Internet) in a paper or using a clip in a presentation, though, it is highly advisable to check with your instructor concerning the acceptability of the video for the assignment.

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