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Welcome to your Library Guide!

You can refer back to this guide while working on your assistive technology project.  Use the guide to find more information regarding, finding articles in the databases, finding videos, and citing sources.

Remember, no Wikipedia! 

Keyword Searching

Be sure to think of synonyms and other ways of refering to your topic.  Also, keep in mind the keyword search techniques!  Some examples of keyword searches include:

  1. (assistive OR adaptive) AND technolog*
  2. (ELL OR EFL OR ESL) AND math* AND (assistive OR adaptive) AND tech*
  3. educat* AND "assistive technology" AND (deaf OR "hearing impairment")
  4. (blind* oOR "vision impairment") AND (educat* OR student*) AND (elementary OR primary OR K-12)

I've used capital letters for the boolean operators for easier delineation; however, capitals are not necessary in search strings.

NOTE: The asterisk (*) truncates a term and will retrieve all forms of the word that follow the truncation symbol. For example, photograph* will retrieve photograph, photographs, photography, photographer, and photographers. The asterisk can also be used as a wildcard for an unknown letter, as in cemet*ry, etc.

Remember, if you are using an education database, the education will be understood.  However, if you are using a Science and Technology Database, you will want to include the idea of education within the search string.  You may have to try a number of different search strings!  Academic research is not like finding lyrics on Google :)

Reference Librarian

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Katy Smith
Use the link above to email me. You can also visit for options to ask an STLCC librarian a question via email, chat, text, telephone, or f2f.

St. Louis Community College Libraries

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Wildwood Campus Library
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