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SOC 211 Alcoholism and Drug Abuse - Epperson - Fall 2018

Start by examining the information provided in the left column. You'll find links to information about scholarly articles and the peer review process. You'll also find some tips for effective searching. 

Then, move on to the right column where you will find search tools that specialize in finding scholarly sources.

Some Background Information

Tips for Effective Searching

1. When searching in any of the databases, take these steps for powerful searches:

  1. Break your search into main concepts
  2. Separate those main concepts with the word and

‚ÄčHere's an example search string:

opioids and public health


2. Once you get a result list, use the limiters to refine your search.

In almost all of the databases, you can limit by 

  • date
  • subject
  • format

Pay attention to the requirements of your assignment and make sure your limits match what you are looking for!

3. For your assignment, it is important to find articles from the field of sociology.

Include the word sociology as one of your main concepts or use the Subject limit to narrow your results to sociology.


Use Search It! to Find Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Articles

Search It! is a tool that allows you to search for books, articles, guides, and library web pages all at one time. Once you have entered a search, you'll have an opportunity to limit to peer-reviewed articles. The advantage of Search It! is that it searches many databases at the same time. You can begin a search by entering it in the box below.

Use Databases to Find Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Articles

Another option is to search one database at a time. The databases provide options for more precise searching. Below you'll find good choices for finding peer-reviewed articles in the field of sociology. 

St. Louis Community College Libraries

Florissant Valley Campus Library
3400 Pershall Rd.
Ferguson, MO 63135-1408
Phone: 314-513-4514

Forest Park Campus Library
5600 Oakland
St. Louis, MO 63110-1316
Phone: 314-644-9210

Meramec Campus Library
11333 Big Bend Road
St. Louis, MO 63122-5720
Phone: 314-984-7797

Wildwood Campus Library
2645 Generations Drive
Wildwood, MO 63040-1168
Phone: 636-422-2000