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Evaluate Your Sources


Goal: Find an authoritative source created by a person or organization who knows the subject, has expertise, and demonstrates credibility.

Is it authoritative? Ask these questions.

  • Who is responsible for the information? Who is the author, editor, publisher?
  • Is the author or editor an authority on the subject? How do you know? - What are their credentials (such as education) or other basis of their expertise? 
  • Is the author/editor affiliated with a well-known organization, university, or government agency?
  • For original research, is it published in a peer-reviewed journal?
  • For a web page, is it hosted by a reputable organization, or is it someone's personal web page?


Source: Julian Stodd's Learning Blog, "Authority: the changing nature of authority in social learning"


Can't find the author's name or credentials? A magazine or newspaper article may be written by an unnamed staff reporter. When there is no author given, the authority of the source is based on the reputation of the publisher or producer of the information.

Check the domain of a website. Some are more regulated than others. For example, .gov is always a government website, but it could be federal, state, or local. Universities are usually .edu, but there are exceptions, and the specific webpage might be the work of student. Although .org usually means organization and .com means commercial, anyone can use either of these.  

What is a scholarly journal?

Video: Authority is Constructed and Contextual

An information source's context--where it came from, its audience, format, and how it is used--help determine authority, appropriateness and relevance.

  • Students recognize that credibility may vary by context and information need.
  • Students understand the importance of critically assessing a source's credibility.
  • Students are able to identify how a credible source could be used for a particular need.

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