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BIO - Bhavsar - Biology Projects - 2022

Use this course guide in support of Professor Bhavsar's BIO courses.

Assignment Summary

Choose a peer reviewed journal article that is less than 5 years old. 

The article needs to connect biology to nutrition/foods OR climate change OR biotechnology/GMOs.  Provide a PDF of the article And answer the questions posted.

Start with a good idea!

Looking for topic ideas? These are resources that you can browse and explore. Science encyclopedia are great for getting an overview and history of a topic. Science news resources highlight the latest developments and research. Both of these are be used to get ideas that spark your interest. You can also "mine" them for words to use in a more focused search for journal articles. Some even include links directly to peer-reviewed journal sources.

Credo Reference: Biology

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Credo Reference is a large database of specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries. It's a great place to get overviews of topics, browse for ideas, and pick up specialized vocabulary to help in your searches. This search box is pre-limited to just the Biology part of Credo Reference.

Scientific American -- Biology Newsfeed

The latest science news articles in a scrolling RSS feed from Scientific American. The list is updated daily. Many of these articles summarize and report on new research findings in a readable format for a popular audience. They often include links back to the peer-reviewed journal articles where the research is originally published. 

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