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Support materials for the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks

Using the Databases

Use the STLCC databases to search for journal, magazine and newspaper articles.

Databases are available online via campus computers or off-campus with current faculty or student identification.

You may also link to a complete listing of the library databases.

Print Resources

The library collection includes both print and electronic books. Please check the Library Catalog for specific titles or do a keyword search for more information on a particular aspect of 9/11.

Evaluating Web Resources

Many resources exist on the Internet about the 9/11 attacks, however, when utilizing such resources it is important to evaluate the site and its content to determine its validity.  Components to look for when using web resources include the following.

  • Who is the author of the site?
  • Who published the site?
  • Does the information show a certain point of view or is bias?
  • Are there references to other resources?
  • Is the information verifiable?
  • Is the information contemporaneaous with 9/11 or retrospective?

Finding Information

Searching for reliable information about September 11, whether through Google, or the STLCC Libraries catalogs and databases, can be complicated.

All of the search terms listed below can be searched as keywords and will get some results:

  • 9/11
  • 911
  • september 11, 2001
  • september 11
  • 11 september
  • world trade center
  • ground zero

When searching the catalog and databases combining terms with and will narrow your results,  for example:

9/11 and al Qaeda or 9/11 and terror*

Truncating with * will find, terror, terrorist(s), terrorism, etc.


Days after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, fires still burn at the site of the World Trade Center.
Photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Jim Watson, USN

Guide Information

This library guide was created by Annette Prince, graduate student at University of Missouri, for a practicum project at STLCC Meramec during summer 2011.

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