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Collecting Oral Histories


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This LibGuide was created to introduce the use of oral histories.  Use the tabs on the left to access information about primary research and oral history through STLCC Library Reference Resouces (print and electronic format), books (and ebooks), articles (via STLCC Library Databases) and open access websites.  You might also be interested in the Library Guide on Genealogy:

Oral Histories

“An oral history interview is something quite out of the ordinary because you are creating a historical document in those moments that you’re sitting together. No paper documents exist to create the world that we’ve now created through these narratives.”
--Dr. Martha Norkunas


“How well do you know the people who raised you? Look around your dining room table. Look around at your loved ones, especially the elders. The grandparents and the aunts and uncles who used to give you shiny new quarters and unvarnished advice. How much do you really know about their lives. Perhaps you've heard that they served in a war, or lived for a time in a log cabin, or arrived in this country speaking little or no English. Maybe they survived the Holocaust or the Dust Bowl. How were they shaped by the Depression or the Cold War, or the stutter-step march towards integration in their own community? What were they like before they married or took on mortgages and assumed all the worries that attend the feeding, clothing, and education of their children? If you don't already know the answers, the people who raised you will most likely remain a mystery, unless you take the bold step and say: Tell me more about yourself.” ― Michele Norris

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