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BIO - Bhavsar - Biology Projects - 2022

Use this course guide in support of Professor Bhavsar's BIO courses.

Recommended Websites

Recommended Websites to Explore to get topic ideas and inspiration for "The Project"

  • 12 - women have been awarded the Medicine Prize so far.
  • 32 - years was the age of the youngest Medicine Laureate ever, Frederick G. Banting, who was awarded the 1923 Medicine Prize for the discovery of insulin.
  • 87 years was the age of the oldest Medicine Laureate ever, Peyton Rous, when he was awarded the Medicine Prize in 1966 for his discovery of tumour-inducing viruses.

Human Biology Videos, TED Talks, and tutoring sites

Scientific American -- Biology Newsfeed - changes daily

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Online Journals

Check the library databases too! Many online journal websites only include part of the information for free, such as just the abstracts or selected articles, not the full journal contents.

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