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Women's History Month

About Adria Werner and the Adria Award

Adria Werner calls herself a late bloomer. "As my mother would say," Adria recalls with a smile, "'She is a little slow with things.'" Apparently she stepped up her pace as a student at the St. Louis Community College at Flo Valley.  Here she received great positive feedback and support, even though she would argue for every point when she didn't score 100% on tests.  This would, as Adria says, "drive my instructors nuts."  Pretty soon, she found herself working for the College, starting at the Child Development Center as the food service manager, a part-time position that went full-time.  She expanded the program of student interns in food service doing rotations through the Center and then became a community consultant, assisting various day care facilities with menu planning.  Eventually, no doubt because of her work ethic and people skills, she found herself in a full time position in the President's Office at Flo Valley, first as Administrative Secretary and finally as Executive Assistant to the President.  Unofficially, however, the role for which we honor her with this award was that of "beloved colleague." Adria was quick to dispense a smile, a hug, a birthday greeting, a self-deprecating joke, or a friendly word of advice.  She cared about people--all people-- students, faculty, staff.  We were all part of her Flo Valley family.



The Adria Award, our annual award presented during Women's History Month is named after Adria Werner, and honors a woman on the campus at the St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley who exemplifies dynamic service to our Flo Valley community and dedication to putting students first in their work, and consistently contributing to a vibrant FV culture.

Adria Award Recipients

Lonetta Oliver (2016) 

Lonetta M. Oliver, Ph.D. currently serves as the Lead Life Coach for the Excel Center in Missouri.  She was formerly an Associate Professor of English, (serving as Chair of the English Department for 3 years), and Professional Development Coordinator at the St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley. This East St. Louis native has earned a Masters degree in English with a focus in Rhetoric & Composition and a Ph.D. in English with a focus in African/African American and Post-Colonial Literature, both from Saint Louis University. Dr. Oliver is an active community member who has served on numerous boards and committees within and outside the St. Louis region.  She is currently completing requirements for a certificate in Higher Education Leadership from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Janice Nesser-Chu (2017)

Janice Nesser-Chu has served as the Dean of Liberal Arts, St. Louis Community College--Florissant Valley since 2015.  She has over 18 years experience in higher education and has held positions of leadership throughout her career, including Chair of the Arts & Humanities Department, the Photography Program Coordinator, and the Gallery Director and Professor of Art.  Janice has received numerous awards for her teaching, her art and her activism including: the Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, the David L. Underwood Award, the Emerson Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Faculty of the Year Award and the Freedom of Human Spirit Award. Her art works have been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally for the last 30 years.  Her most recent exhibitions include:  On the Margin: Gender and Politics Identified, Sarah Doyle Gallery, Brown University, Providence, RI and Water: A Universal Right, Robert Morris Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.

Gwen Nixon (2018) 

Gwen Nixon has inspired students, faculty and staff at St. Louis Community College for more than 30 years. She is currently the Manager of Campus Life and the Advisor for the Student Government Association advocating for students around campus, such as supporting the Student Government Association with their fight for all credit students to become eligible for free semester bus passes. She motivates and encourages students to see and utilize their potential by thinking outside the box while trying new and exciting things. Gwen is all about putting students first and offers awesome programming for the students. Also, she whole-heartedly and continually values the support of what the advisors of the clubs and organizations offer to the student body such as leadership conferences and various events.   She works tirelessly the year round for our students.  She sees our students--their interests, strengths, and potential – and helps them realize goals they may not know they have. Many of our students with success stories have been deeply connected to Ms. Nixon and the Campus Life office. She also recognizes our value inside & out of our roles on campus.

Rosita Lewis (2019)

Rosita Lewis has inspired students, faculty and staff at St. Louis Community College for more than 10 years, with Florissant Valley as her home campus.  She is the Director of the TRiO Student Support Services Program and the Advisor for the Veterans Club.  She advocates for students around campus making sure students receive the best student experience.  She motivates and encourages students to see and utilize their potential by thinking out of the box while trying new and exciting things.  Rosita often goes above and beyond her job responsibilities with the students she serves.  Her demonstration of leadership is shown through her move from TRiO Advisor to TRiO Director, her passion and enjoyment teaching Smart Start classes, and her desire to “see others win”.


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