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ACCUPLACER Skills Assessment

This guide provides resources to study for the ACCUPLACER Next-Generation Skills Assessment for student course placement.


Need more resources to help study and prepare for the ACCUPLACER skill level placement tests? This guide will provide you links to materials owned by STLCC Libraries and online resources to practice tests and questions.  Each subject has its own tab, so click on for the subject you want to study.

How do I take the ACCUPLACER assessment at STLCC?

Take a look at the STLCC's ACCUPLACER Placement Test web page to find out:

  • Testing locations and times
  • What to expect
  • Frequently ask questions about the test
  • How to get personal assistance about the test

Use the ACCUPLACER Student Portal

 Select the link above to go to the ACCUPLACER Student Portal to access:

  • Practice Resources:
    • Get tools and resources to help you prepare for the tests.
    • Get information on the FREE, Official Web-Based Study App
  • Your ACCUPLACER Score Report
    •  Look up your ACCUPLACER Test Results
  • Test Center Locator
    • Haven't taken your test yet? Find a location near you


What is the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER?

STLCC now uses Next-Generation ACCUPLACER. These placement tests more effectively help institutions place students in classes that match their skill level, and include texts and tasks encountered in first-year college courses. The new tests:

  • Align to the same content domain continuum as the SAT Suite of Assessments
  • Help institutions improve course placement accuracy
  • Reflect the changing landscape of higher education with math sequences aligned to clear pathways

For more information about Next-Generation ACCUPLACER visit:

ACCUPLACER study tests in the Learning Express Library database

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