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Dietetics and Nutrition: Films & Videos

This guide will help you find reliable information on dietetics and nutrition.

Library Catalog: Finding DVDs

STLCC Libraries own dvds on the topic of dietetics and nutrition and some feature films related to food. A few such titles are listed below.

To find more videos and dvds on nutrition owned by STLCC Libraries, go to the Advanced Keyword Search page of the Library Catalog and do a keyword search using terms like nutrition, food, or diet*  -- then using the Limit Options below the search box,  set the "Material Format" limiter to DVD. Remember, you can always Ask a Librarian for help.

Using the Films on Demand (FOD) Database

The Films on Demand (FOD) database contains thousands of films and film clip segments on many topics. Films can be viewed in their entirety or by segment, making them ideal for presentations. You can create a private and free user account to keep track of favorites and playlists. Films on Demand contains many films and film segments related to dietetics and nutrition, including the following titles. Select the FOD icon above to start. Search by title to locate the film for streaming. Only STLCC students, faculty and staff have acccess to Films on Demand.

Once logged into the database, view videos by category Family & Consumer Sciences or do a keyword search such as nutrition or diet  to see a range of available videos. Searches can be limited to video titles or segments.

All About Food Additives (20:00)

Most foods that are purchased for everyday consumption and which pass through some form of industrialized processing contain additives of one type or another. In a sense, humans have used food additives for thousands of years—the use of salt, spices, and other enhancements can be considered a basic foray into the art and science of food additives. This video explores a wide variety of food additive types, including colors, flavors, preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, gelling agents, antioxidants, and processing aids, any or all of which might be found in a typical packaged grocery item. Supported by exciting visual images and graphics, a respected food scientist discusses the core concepts of additives, why we use them, and what kind of impact they have on nutrition. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online.

Because Food Matters? (3-part series, 24-35 minutes each)

Whether it’s a fast-food burger or a salad of organically grown vegetables, the choices that go into making a meal have potentially global implications. This three-part series explores socially charged food topics and familiarizes students with important debates that are going on in the world of food production. Case studies, dynamic images and footage, and interviews with agricultural experts will help viewers sort through these extremely challenging issues. Viewable/printable instructor’s guides are available online. 3-part series, 24-26 minutes each.

4 Weeks 2 a Higher Food IQ (24:00)

Taking a clever reality-TV approach, this video focuses on the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the best ways for teens to work them into day-to-day life. A high school student named Lexi accepts a challenge from a professional dietician to eat more balanced meals and get more physical exercise over a period of four weeks, with the ultimate goal of satisfying—and sticking with!—the MyPlate system. At the start of week one, Lexi’s “food IQ” is less than ideal, as reflected in her menu choices and portion sizes as well as her sedentary TV and computer habits. But by week four, she has successfully combined healthy eating and healthy activities into a formula for fitness—and a promising future! A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online.


The FOD and other databases offered by STLCC Libraries are accessible from any campus computer and by logging into the database from off campus (help in connecting from home).

Instructional and Feature Films on food, Kanopy streaming film database

YouTube Nutrition Video Clips

Youtube logo
You may be able to find many useful videos about dietetics and nutriton using YouTube. Try searching with a keyword such as "dietetics" or  "nutrition" with a phrase such as "why study nutrition" or "case study." Searching with the phrase "American Dietetic Association" may yield interesting results.

NOTE: YouTube is a classic example of one of the strengths and weaknesses of the Internet, which is the fact that anyone can post videos. As such, the quality and scholarly acceptability of videos varies greatly. There may be useful video clips on YouTube, but you must EVALUATE them for authority and relevance. Before referencing any material from YouTube (or other video sites on the Internet) in a paper or using a clip in a presentation, though, it is highly advisable to check with your instructor concerning the acceptability of the video for the assignment.

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