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Films on Demand User's Guide: Playlists

How to use Films on Demand, a database of educational digital videos.

Create User Account

You must create a user account in order to use features such as favorites and playlists.

Tip: Passwords are case-sensitive.

Adding Web Links

When you create a PLAYLIST it contains durable links, also known as persistent URLs (Uniform Resource Locators). These PURLs, or durable links, are links that remain constant and forever up-to-date.  These links can be added to your courses in Blackboard.

Helpful Hints

When you click on a citation, you will find the copyright date.

Each clip or video has citation information. 

Send a copy of the playlist to yourself to verify that it was delivered.

Create Playlists

A playlist is a customized list of segments and/or video titles. To create a playlist, click on the "Add to Playlist" or + link from the search results or viewing screens. You will be prompted to create a new playlist or add to an existing list. Once the items have been added to your playlist you will receive the notification “These items have been added.”

Videos and/or segments can be added to existing playlists. Each playlist is assigned a unique URL that you can use in class or email to your students to view. You can save different playlists for different courses or multiple playlists per course. 

Note: you must create a user account to save favorites or create a playlist (see Create User Account box at left).


Playlist Page

Click on the "Playlist" tab to open the Playlist page.

  • From this page, you can sort your playlists and organize them into folders.
  • On the left, your playlist folders are displayed, and you can add or rename folders.
  • On the right, your playlists and URLs will be displayed.


Individual Playlists

If you need to edit an individual playlist, click on the title.

  • The individual playlist screen will list date and time created.
  • You will be able to rearrange or delete videos and segments within the playlist.

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