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Films on Demand User Guide

How to use Films on Demand, a database of educational digital videos.

Create User Account

You must create a user account in order to use features such as favorites and playlists. To create an account, open Films on Demand, and click on Your Profile in the top right corner. You will create your own user name and password. Passwords are case-sensitive. 

Once you have a user account, you can add favorite videos, segments, and playlists to your My Content area. You can also organize your content into folders, personalize some settings, and use your user account to log in to the Films on Demand mobile app. 

Favorites & Playlists

Add to Playlists / Favorites

Keep track of individual videos or segments by adding them to your favorites, or combine videos or segments into playlists. On the viewing page (not full screen): 

  1. Click on Add to + 
  2. In the pop-up dialog box, you'll see the Favorites tab. You can choose to save the video to your list as "unassigned," save it in a folder that you created previously, or create a new folder. 
  3. Select the Playlists tab to add the video or a segment to a new or existing playlist. Playlists may also be saved in folders. 

Managing Playlists / Favorites

  1. Use the Your Profile button at the top right to log in to your user account, or click on your name there if you're already logged in.
  2. Choose My Content. 
  • Videos, segments, and/or playlists can be listed individually or organized into folders.
  • You can create, delete or rename folders.
  • You can edit your playlists by adding, deleting, or changing the order of videos and segments.

Using Playlists

Each playlist is assigned a unique, durable URL that can be shared. Anyone can create and share playlists, but this is particularly useful for faculty, since the playlist link can be added to Canvas or emailed in the same way as a link to specific video. 

For Faculty

Posting a Films on Demand link in Canvas

Best Practice: include the name of video in the text in your course, so that students can find it in the Films on Demand database if they need to use an alternative method of access. 

  1. Click on the Share icon next to the video in your list of results, or under the video on the viewing screen.
  2. A form will pop up for sharing via email. Click on the Embed/Link tab at the top of the form.
  3. Copy the Record URL or the LTI Link to use in Canvas, not the URL at the top of the page. (Record URL links to the video in the database, with all database features and search options; the LTI Link will bring up just the video, with no database options).

Tips: You can also create a user account in Films on Demand to create and store your favorites and playlists.

Which link or code should I use?

What's the difference between the types of links?

  • URL Link: The URL Link, with the extra snippet of code, will open the video in the Films on Demand database. Use this option if you want students to be able to use the Transcript feature or to move between different segments and use all of the Films on Demand tools. 

  • Embed Code: The Embed Code will place the video within your Canvas course, rather than linking to it. Use the embed code for short videos, segments, or clips if you want students to stay within your course.

  • LTI Link: Films on Demand supplies the LTI link for institutions using course management software that does not support embedded videos. It is useful as an alternative to embedding large videos into a course. It will display the video in a viewer by itself. The segment menu, transcript, and other Films on Demand features will not show. Closed captions are still available.

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