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Films on Demand User's Guide: Search Tips

How to use Films on Demand, a database of educational digital videos.

Saving Resources

To use Films On Demand Resources, such as playlists, favorites and preferences, you must create a user account. Note: The password you create is case sensitive and you must click LOGIN.

What is a PLAYLIST?

A Playlist is your customized list of videos or segments of videos. The Playlist will contain a specific URL for each video or segment you select.  You can play the Playlist URL in class, e-mail it to your students, or add it to your web course.

What is a FAVORITE?

You can keep track of the videos or segments that you would like to use by marking them as favorites.  These favorites are filed in folders.

Videos vs. Segments

In the search results, you will be able to distinguish entire videos from segments of videos. A segment will say "From Title ..." whereas a video will only list the title itself.

Basic Search

From the Films on Demand homepage you can look for videos by keyword or by subject. You can limit your search results to entire videos or just to segments. Each segment has its own indexing. Video titles are indexed separately, so be sure to search both segments and titles to retrieve all relevant titles.  


 If you use the Advanced Search option you can combine keywords by using the Word Matching selection. You can also limit your search by subject, special collection (producer), copyright date or closed-caption. Search also by item number, video title or segment title. 

Search Results

Videos retrieved will be listed in order of relevance. Other sort options are title, segment title and date added.

From the search results screen you may email the video.

With a user account (see Saving Resources box at left) you can also 

  • save the entire video or segments to a playlist.
  • mark the video as a favorite in a subject folder.



You can view your results by "Titles" or by "Segments." In "Titles" view, you have the option of viewing all the segments under a video title. In "Segments" view you will see the segment with a link to the full title.

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