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Films on Demand User's Guide: Viewing

How to use Films on Demand, a database of educational digital videos.

Streaming Video

Streaming technology allows you to access high quality video content via the internet.  Instead of downloading an entire video title before viewing it, streaming allows you to begin viewing the video immediately while the rest of the program downloads in the background.  Using a computer with a high-speed internet connection, you can stream videos from any location.

Check the technical requirements for your computer.

  Saving Resources

To use Films On Demand Resources, such as playlists, favorites and preferences, you must create a user account. Note: The password you create is case sensitive and you must click LOGIN.

What is a PLAYLIST?

A Playlist is your customized list of videos or segments of videos. The Playlist will contain a specific URL for each video or segment you select.  You can play the Playlist URL in class, e-mail it to your students, or add it to your web course.

What is a FAVORITE?

You can keep track of the videos or segments that you would like to use by marking them as favorites.  These favorites are filed in folders.

Viewing Videos

You may view:

  • Segments
  • Entire film
  • Related videos
  • Full screen
  • Closed captioning (if available)

You may also create and email playlists, add to videos to favorites, and download videos and/or segments.

To create playlists or add videos or segments to your favorites, you must have an account. See the "Saving Resources" box (left).


In addition to the video player, the video viewer page provides

  • An overview of the video or segment.
  • A persistent URL for the video or segment.

Directly below the player are several links.

  • "Email this video" lets you send a link to the video or segment via e-mail.
  • "Add to Playlist" lets you add segments to an existing playlist or create a new one. You must be logged in to your account.
  • "Add to Favorites" lets you add segments or videos to your folders. You must be logged in to your account.  
  • "Embed this Video" gives you embed code to use in web pages. (You cannot embed videos into Blackboard courses).
  • "Citation" gives you an MLA or Chicago Manual of Style citation to copy.

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