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The COVID Chronicles

An archive of personal stories centered around STLCC students, faculty, and staff experiences of the 2020 pandemic

Nicole Marcum - Meramec Student - Human Services

My submission is an essay about my journey with six children through a pandemic. It was created for my English 101 class with Dr. Scherer on September 24, 2020.

                                                Navigating Through a Pandemic as Parents                                                                                          

Have you ever had to navigate as a parent during historical times? America is now facing a pandemic for the first time since 1918. Our world is facing a lot of different challenges during this time and it has created a lot of daily hardships for parents and their children. Although we are facing changes that could have a negative impact on us, there are some positive impacts as well. In fact, because of the shutdown in America, families are getting to spend more quality time together and life for most families has slowed down. Pandemics do not happen often but when they do, we are all faced with a lot of change. Navigating through this time as parents thus far has been challenging but rewarding.


To continue reading, download this essay here:  

Kim Peeples' ENG 030 Student Submissions (Florissant Valley campus)

The following essays were submitted with the permission of each student.

Skylar Robinson

Covid Chronicles  

                  Living during a pandemic, as a new college student can be very exhausting and horrifying. I am using great tools to help me remain positive throughout this. My study from home experience has been overwhelming. It has been overwhelming because as a slow learner it is harder to understand some material given online rather in person. Attending online school instead of on campus can be rough because I am at home where there are more distractions. Most of my professors are expecting us students to do everything digitally which makes it harder for us because our fingers may get tired of typing, and some things we just may not know what to do.  

        I have been nurturing my physical and mental health during this time by trying to stay in a positive mindset. I also try to encourage myself everyday by saying “it is going to get better.” Trying to keep busy will also help because when idle minds are gone to waste that is when bad thoughts come along. During this pandemic, I have been thinking about my goals and setting a schedule for when I will accomplish them. I cannot say that I haven’t been depressed during quarantine because I have, but when I began thinking about ways to make money, I started feeling better. I am very proud of myself because I launched my clothing line called “True 2 Self” during this difficult time.  

        As many COVID scares I have had by the grace of God, I have not been touched by COVID-19. Some of my family members and friends have been infected with the virus, and now they are alive and well! I have been in close contact to getting it about four times because I was in contact with four different people that tested positive, but luckily all my tests were negative. I didn’t begin to take it seriously until people who were closest to me started to get it. Out of all the people that had it were my step father, my cousins, my friends, and one of my college professors. I was very scared when I learned that they have been infected because I know that this virus is deadly and it can affect others differently.  



Makayla Washington

   Covid Chronicles 

Covid-19 has caused families to be distanced, it is no longer safe to hang around just for fun. Masks and personal protective equipment are required everywhere you go. Id personally just rather stay home then wear the hot masks. I tend to stay in unless it is something particularly important. The fact that I am home majority of the time now makes me feel depressed. I am normally a family-oriented person, so the distance is not easy.  

Virtual learning is now required, and all classes are meeting online. It has been a substantial change for me since I've never taken an online course some of my classes getting caught up has been challenging due to the fact I learn better in person. I know that instructors must feel overwhelmed by the change as well, but everyone has been working together to get things done. I personally agree that classed should stay online until the virus is more under control.  

The last and final thing I wanted to talk about is my great grandmother passing away from covid. She had a surgery and afterwards went to a rehabilitation facility to gain her strength back. She contracted the virus, was moved into the covid hall, and a week later passed away. If the virus was not serious to me before, its more than real to me now. At first, I did not think it was so bad because none of my family members had been affected. I can't believe that my great grandmother is no longer here isn't here due to the virus, she was always so healthy. I think everyone should take it more seriously. Younger people go out without masks and coverings which is extremely dangerous. I will do everything I can personally to prevent the spread.  

Covid-19 had changed the world forever. Families are distanced, people are dying, and the grocery stores are running out of food. Everyone is fighting the same fight, which is to stay alive during this pandemic.  

Kenya Cormier

Covid 19 Change My Mind 

  When Covid19 hit it change a little bit of my life. We had to stay indoor for long a time, and people were losing their minds. People were also first trying to buy up all of the cleaning supplies in the stores. Covid never stopped me from going to places. without thinking about it my family went out of town a few times and noting happen to us. I really didn’t believe in Covid at that time. I was still going out and hanging out and living life normally. By the time I realized that it was real one of my family members got it and my family spired out. In that moment Covid change, my mind in that process to understand how it can affect me, and the ones I love. 

   I can say as Covid went on, it made life more difficult to live in during a pandemic, I felt like I was alone and bored out of my mind. I couldn’t do anything I wanted to do. I had to sit around a lot or sleep. I try to figure something out to do, but it was hard my brain was on a melt down or shut down. It wouldn’t shout out ideas or things to do. So, I was on the road of losing my mind in my granny house where I was staying at the time. Having my granny there made it much more better even though we just sat there and watch a movie. It was good to have company in such a lonely and unusual time. 

 Throughout the whole experience I am more cautious and aware of my surroundings than I was in the being of Covid. As Covid went on it was an up and down experience the last few months. I’ve been safe every scene that moment happen to me to hear that a love one of my got it. I ask question, more about to be safe from it, and not get it or spread it. I only wanted to be around people I trust that didn’t have it. Covid put a dint in my way of thinking. One day but we all will move on from this and see it from a different light. On how we should be more open minded about germs we cannot see. In the area or and anywhere else. Now that we’re in our 9th month of Covid, I'd recommend that everyone continues now to be precautious. 



Zoraya Blackmon


As most people know, viruses have been around for many years. A few viruses have significantly impacted people's lives, such as the Spanish flu, swine flu, Ebola, and currently covid-19. These viruses have taken the lives of many people and families. Not many people have been able to recover from these terrible illnesses, and some people suffered. Today in 2020, we have been dealing with covid-19 and the horrific effects of this infection. Covid-19 has affected my finance, education, and mental health lifestyle along with my family. 

Dealing with covid-19 has made a significant impact on my ability to bring home a steady income. Towards the end of 2019, going into the beginning of 2020, my husband and I decided to separate from the military to give our children a better family opportunity, unaware of the virus taking effect. With this decision made, I have decided to come out and find a job hoping to start school in the spring semester. My plans took a turn, and I could not succeed in finding a safe position for myself and my family without putting them at risk. There was also the struggle of choosing between income stability and keeping our family safe, which is not a struggle when deciding between the two. 

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