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ECO 151 - Principles of Macroeconomics - Clark - 2022

Use this course guide to help successfully complete the course term project. It also offers resources to generate curiosity and deepen understanding of course topics and to help students improve their information literacy and research skills.

Films on Demand

Films on Demand logo

Films on Demand is a great database to find videos and films in many subject areas including Business & Economics.

Searches can be limited to video titles or segments. Films can be viewed in their entirety or section by section, making them ideal for presentations. These resources are accessible from any campus computer and by logging into the database from off campus (help in connecting from home).  Films on Demand includes the following series:

Economics U$A: 21st Century Edition Series

Explore economic history, theory, and practice through case studies and interviews with Nobel-prize winning and major economists. This 28-part Annenberg Learner series covers macro, micro, and international economics, featuring Milton Friedman, Paul Samuelson, John Kenneth Galbraith, Alice Rivlin, and Ben Bernanke, among others. Major economic events, including the 2008 banking crisis and technology's influence on the economy, connect economic theory to the headlines.

Finding DVDs and Streaming Videos Using the STLCC Library Catalog

STLCC Libraries own a few dvds on the subject of economics. DVDs may be requested from campus to campus. Materials designated as "Reserve" cannot be requested from another campus and must be viewed on the campus where they are housed. 

TED Talks on Business and Capitalism

The Federal Debt: All You Need to Know in Three Minutes

One of the missions of the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at the Brookings Institution is to improve public—and congressional—understanding of major budget issues confronting the U.S. To that end, they've boiled the facts about the outlook for the federal debt down to a three -minute animated video in which the recent ups and downs are traced  and projections for federal borrowing over the next decade are presented.

YouTube Economics Video Clips

You may be able to find many useful videos about economics on  free Internet sites such as YouTube. For example, try searching with a keyword phrase such "economics supply and demand" or "economics case study." Searching with names such as Alan Greenspan, Paul Krugman or Federal Reserve or phrases such as "Keynesian economics" or "deficit spending" may yield useful resutls.

NOTE: YouTube perfectly exemplifies both a major strength and weakness of the Internet:  anyone can post videos.  This is a strength, because many videos with accurate, high quality information have been posted.  This is a weakness, because many videos with inaccurate or misleading information have been posted as well.  The existence of quality videos on YouTube makes it worth searching.  However, before citing a YouTube video in a paper or incorporating it into a presentation, it is highly advisable to check with your instructor concerning the acceptability of the video for the assignment.

Use the STLCC Libraries Videos search tool to find videos and films

STLCC Libraries carry quite a few videos, including many on the topic of careers. Some videos, especially popular movies but also some on topics such as careers, may be requestable from campus to campus, or they may be available in a streaming version from a database, indicated like this: STLCC online access

Other materials (marked with a notation such as "LIB USE ONLY) are not requestable and must be viewed on the campus where they are housed.

To find videos on careers, select the Videos search tool from the STLC​C Libraries website. You may also choose to go to individual databases, using the links provided for Films on Demand, Kanopy, or use the Streaming Media Guide. Need Help? Use the Ask a Librarian icon on the STLCC Libraries website. 

STLCC Libraries Video Search Tool


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