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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

STLCC Library resources on diversity, equity, and inclusion


Use this guide to find resources on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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STLCC Campus Clubs and Organizations--Florissant Valley

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)  Chapter 1540    The NSBE is a nationally recognized organization whose mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. This chapter, the first community college chapter to receive a NSBE charter, is dedicated to increasing academic success, retention and transfer rates of engineering students.

Veterans Club     The purpose of the ST Louis Community College at Florissant Valley Veterans Club is the united all active and served veterans attending and/or working at the FV campus with the services available to support veterans successful adjustment to civilian life; to improve collegiate life through academic achievement; to foster comradeship among the membership through resource and information sharing; and to promote sponsorship and participation in Veterans events and worthwhile projects that will fulfill members needs and correlate with campus and district strategic goals.

Forest Park

African Pride Club  

Disability Awareness Club

Global Faith Community

International Club

Muslim Student Association

Veterans Club


Black Student Educational Empowerment Club  The purpose of the BSEEC is to increase the college retention, academic performance, graduation rates, and career preparedness among African American students by creating a supportive on-campus experience. In addition, the BSEEC aims to elevate the voice of African American students on campus as well as promote cultural competence and serve as a leader among minority groups on the Meramec campus.

CRU     CRU is a caring community of people passionate about building strong friendships as we explore God's word together. We love to partner with organizations that bring healing and hope to our community.

Focus on Ability   

International Club     As a club we engage in community volunteering and service works projects. We seek to educate students about different cultures through presentations and field trips throughout the year.

Muslim Student Association    Our club holds discussion about topics related to Islam and the communities between Islam and other religions.

Queer Student Union     QSU provides acceptance, support and opportunity to all LGBTQ+ students of STLCC. We work to improve the community through outreach programming, volunteer work and providing knowledge of the queer community to everyone.

Graphic Arts Association

Women's Club   Create a safe space for people to talk about the societal issues that women face. Women's Club will also work to encouarge women to better themselves in education and careers with greater emphasis on STEM aspects.


Gay Straight  Alliance/LGBT   Dedicated to respecting diversity and promoting awareness and understanding of the issues of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals. All LGBT students and their allies are welcome to join.

International Culture and History  

Spanish Club   From the language to the food, the art, films and more, this club is open to anyone who is interested in exploring Spanish culture.

Veterans Club   This club is focused on creating a supportive environment for veterans on campus and helping them succeed in their college courses.

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