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This Research Guide will help you locate, evaluate and use appropriate materials for anthropology research at St. Louis Community College.


Here are some good starting databases for Anthropology research.  Databases are available from the Library during open hours, and 24/7 from your device.  For remote access, you may be prompted to enter your student identification information.  For the complete list of available databases, see the Library's Database Page

Anthropology "Best Bets"

Databases on Controversial Topics

Large Multi-Topic Databases

Need to find shorter articles?

  • In Academic Search Premier, go to the Advanced Search. You can limit your search by number of pages.
  • In Issues & Controversies, after choosing a lengthy "Pro/Con" article, look for the Editorial and News tabs at the top to find lists of related editorial opinion and newspaper articles. 
  • In CQ Researcher, the main articles are 15-20 pages long. Look for shorter Hot Topics articles or Pro/Con sections.
  • In Gale databases including Opposing Viewpoints and Academic OneFile, each article description includes the number of words. 

About Databases

What is a Database?

A database is a collection of articles which are accessible online, but which (in most cases) first appeared in print sources such as scholarly journals, magazines written for the general public, or newspapers.  The articles have been placed online so that they can be easily searched and accessed.

A database normally lets you search for articles in a variety of ways, including by keyword, subject or author.  Some of the articles you retrieve will in actuality only be article abstracts, or summaries.  Other articles will appear in full-text form, meaning the entire article is available to you.  Most databases have a full-text option you can choose so that only full-text articles will appear in your search results.

For a short overview of databases, check out this 4 minute video.

You can also go to an alphabetical listing of all the databases offered by STLCC Libraries.

About Articles

Articles are generally shorter than books and usually focus on more specific topics. Articles published in different types of sources serve different purposes and are written with specific audiences in mind. Some library databases include articles from many of the following types of sources. Other databases are specialized by subject area or by type of source. 


Magazines are written for a general audience, although they may have a specific subject area. They are usually published weekly or monthly. Articles can range from brief news items to more in-depth thoughtful analysis and commentary. 


Newspapers are usually published daily or weekly. They are good sources for the latest news about current events. Most newspapers have a separate editorial or opinion section (often abbreviated Op-Ed), which can be useful for finding different points of view. Newspapers often have a local focus on the city or region where they are published.


Journals can be highly technical in language and concepts and are about the latest findings in a field. They often include original research and are written by scholars, scientists, or other experts. Many journal articles are peer-reviewed, meaning they have undergone rigorous evaluation by a panel of other scholars or researchers. 

Trade or Professional Publications

Trade or professional publications fall in between the technical level of journals and magazines. They typically include articles of interest to people in a particular trade, profession, or industry. 

Database Dropdown

Know which database you want to search?

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