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Careers and Career Development Research

Use this guide to find print and online resources about career development and how to find jobs in different career fields.

About Websites

Remember that anyone can post anything at all on the Web, from outright lies to informed opinion to accurate, thoroughly researched information. Therefore you must always evaluate a website before you rely on it for your research or personal use. Career information is one area in which the strengths of the Internet can be put to good use. The Internet is an ideal place to find concise summaries of jobs and careers. Even more usefully, the Internet can be used to find actual up-to-the-minute job openings and listings.

The sites listed here have been collected and reviewed for quality by an STLCC faculty librarian. For help with evaluating websites and other information sources which you find on your own, visit ...

Career Planning and Networking

Networking in Job Seeking: "It's Who You Know."  Sometimes a job seeker may benefit from knowing someone who works at a company at which she or he is applying. In addition to good old fashioned schmoozing, increasingly there are sites which help one establish useful networks before one may need them. Start building your networks today.

Websites about Careers

Career Listing Websites

Employment Listings

Associations and Organizations

Career fields often have one or more professional associations associated with them. In addition to holding meetings and creating norms for the profession, the web sites and publications of these associations may list openings in the field or even provide career-related advice and resources. Use the following resources to search for or to identify associations and organizations. 

Companies or organizations often list career opportunities available within the organization. Look for links titled employment, job, or careers in the header or footer of such websites. Example: St. Louis Community College uses a link titled Careers at STLCC in the footer of all their webpages. This link appears below:

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