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Textbook and Course Materials Selection

Textbook and Course Materials Selection

Faculty members have the authority, expertise, and responsibility to identify course materials that are suitable and provide appropriate pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning.

To support student success, learning materials should be accessible to all students and available at an affordable price. The College will comply with all state and federal laws that mandate content, distribution, and timelines related to the selection of learning materials. 

Selection Questions

Consider these questions when selecting textbooks or other course materials:

  • Is the source of the textbook/material reputable and widely accepted in the discipline?

  • Does the content of this textbook/material support the student learning outcomes (SLO) approved on the course profile? 

  • Are all SLOs covered in appropriate depth by the textbook/materials? 

  • Is the content of the textbook/material organized to promote student learning, with sequential information, important visuals when appropriate, and/or opportunities for applied learning?

  • Is the price of the textbook/materials reasonable for students, or is it available in another format for no/low cost? 

  • Are second-hand copies of the textbook/materials available for students to purchase? 

  • Is it viable for a faculty member to develop or use existing Open Educational Resources (OER) for this course?

  • Is the textbook/material available in alternate formats for students with disabilities? 

  • Is the selection of the textbook/material free from any conflict of interest or in violation of a code of ethics, either within the discipline or from a College perspective? 

Affordability and Accessibility

Affordable and accessible course materials can increase the chances your students will be successful in your courses.

Use the tabs at the left to explore more suggestions for ensuring your course materials are accessible and affordable.

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