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Health, Wellness, and Physical Education

Your well being matters! This guide is here to showcase health tips and resources to inspire you.


The concept of health can be understood from a multidimensional perspective, being a dynamic state, in a continuous evolution, which can be controlled by people, to avoid diseases, the ideal being the healthy and proactive adult, able, through knowledge and understanding of benefits, to choose a healthy lifestyle.  Listed below are basic definitions that focus on Health, Wellness, Physical Education, Mindfulness, and Mental Health.

  • Health : The state of being free from illness or injury. Soundness of body; that condition in which its functions are duly and efficiently discharged 

  • Wellness : The absence of sickness. The state or condition of being well or in good health, in contrast to being ill

  • Physical Education :  Instruction in physical exercise and games.

  • Mental Health :  Encompasses emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It influences cognition, perception, and behavior. It also determines how an individual handles stress, interpersonal relationships, and decision-making.

  • Mindfulness: The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. ( Fun Fact if you have an Apple Watch The Mindfulness app encourages users to set aside a few minutes a day to focus, center, and connect as you breathe.)


Determinants of Health

The concept of health and wellbeing differs from person to person. There are multiple reasons as to why, such as a person’s experiences, profession, and insight. Listed below are the Determinates of Health.

  • Sex 

  • Age 

  • Ethnic group 

  • Hereditary 

  • Smoking  

  • Alcohol usage 

  • Physical activity  

  • Social/community networks (family and other social circles) 

  • Living/working conditions 

Key Notes

  • When it comes to physical activity, 'more' is better than less, and anything is better than nothing. 
  • Insufficient physical activity (PA) has major health and well-being consequences, including an increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, some forms of cancer, depression, and all-cause mortality. 
  • Excess body weight is linked to several negative health outcomes, including cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, pulmonary dysfunction, orthopedic issues, depressive symptoms, and overall quality of life.
  • Just a few minutes of sedentary time with some sort of movement can help you live longer.

  • Physical fitness has been understood as a means of preventing illness, preserving, and increasing professional capacity, optimizing the body's motor skills, well-being of the person, recreation / relaxation, self-realization, socialization, etc. 

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