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ENG 060 - Poverty, Wealth, and Work in the United States - Spring 2022

The ENG060 course guide provides help on using the library and resources for the research project on the theme Poverty, Wealth, and Work in the United States.


Articles from Reference Books

Select Reference Books

About Books

Reference Books

Reference Books are the best places to find concise summaries and background information on a topic. Reference books cannot be checked out of the library. Some of them are available as databases or ebooks. 

Circulating Books

Circulating books (books you can check out) may also provide summaries and background information, but usually go into greater depth about a topic.

Using Books for Research

Using books for research does not always mean that you need to read the entire book.

  • Use the table of contents and the index to find where in a book information about your topic is located.

  • The introduction to a book may be a good place to find background information on the topic the book is about.
  • You should read enough of a book or chapter to understand what an author is saying and quote her correctly.
  • Sometimes chapters in books are complete works written by different authors, making them ideal for research.

Search the Classic Catalog

Search for books using St. Louis Community College's Classic Catalog.


Keyword & Subject Searching

Keyword Searching

Keyword searching is used by internet search engines, databases, and the library catalog. Keep in mind that the search will find matches for specific words, not concepts. The default in the library catalog (and most databases) is find results that include every word in your search. Think of this as using AND between the words. Actually typing the command AND to combine terms is good practice. 

  • poverty AND children AND United States
  • income AND equality AND United States
  • workplace AND women AND equality
  • minimum wage AND debate
  • student debt AND economic impact

The two searches above are the same, and will find all books in the library catalog that have all four words in the description of the book. 

If you want to find a specific phrase, with the words next to each other in order, use double quotation marks around the phrase:

  • "home ownership"  
  • "income gap"

You might want to broaden your search to include synonyms or other related words. To find either of two words or phrases, use OR between them:

  • wages OR income
  • poverty OR poor

You can also use truncation to search for different forms of a word. The asterisk * is used in the library catalog and many databases for this. 

  • work* AND (teen* OR adolescent*)
  • child* AND (school* OR education) AND (poor OR poverty) AND united states

For example, in the above search, work* will find the words work, workers, working, workplace, works, etc.

When combining searches, use parentheses ( ) around different parts of the search, as in the examples above that groups synonyms. 

Subject Heading Searching

Think of subject headings as labels or tags that someone has used to identify the subject of a book or article. The subject headings are standardized so that only one term is used for a specific subject. Sometimes these subject headings are not the obvious word for the topic. You can search directly by subject heading, or click on a subject heading in the description of a book you find by keyword searching. Sometimes this gets you a list of subject headings to choose from before you see a list of search results. Here are a few examples from the Classic Catalog:

Select Ebooks, STLCC Libraries

Select Print Titles, STLCC Libraries

Here are a just a few examples from the wide range of books (and ebooks) available in the library collection.

St. Louis Community College Libraries

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