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Finding information about people

The library databases listed here are not open to the web; you can access them directly from on campus or by logging in using a current STLCC student, staff, or faculty ID number or a current STLCC Blackboard login.

Biography in Context

Search by name or by other key words, or browse by subject categories. For each person, there is a topic page which includes a capsule biography along with full text articles from reference books, magazines, journals, and newspapers. In some cases, images, videos, radio programs, and/or primary documents are also available. 

American National Biography

Use the quick search box, or click on the Search tab for the Advanced Search. The Advanced Search is very helpful when you want to find names. You can search and limit by time period, occupation, male or female, or by special collection such as Black History. 

Biography Reference Bank

Biography Reference Bank pulls articles from wide range of sources. You may need to dig a little! Generally a "Biography" result will have minimal information: just the person's name, birth & death dates, portrait photo, and occupation. Click on a link under "Related Biographies" to pull up the actual encyclopedia article. Artices from magazines and academic journals are also included. 

Indexes to Biography Resources

This database is an index with citations; it does not include full-text articles. Instead, it can be used to identify biographical reference books which include information about specific people. Make sure you check for multiple listings since different forms of the same name are listed separately. For example, one book may include "sir" or "jr" as part of the name, another might include birth and/or death dates; each of these will be listed separately.

Biography Reference Books


Search for a name in the entire Credo Reference database, or browse books in the Biography category.

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