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Meramec Awards

Meramec Faculty Lecture Award

The St. Louis Community College at Meramec Faculty Lecture Award is designed to honor a member of the faculty for outstanding community college teaching. The honor affords the faculty member the opportunity to speak to his or her colleagues and others on the role and importance of the community college.

Each year in the late spring, a full-time faculty member is selected by his or her peers to deliver a lecture the following year. The subject of the lecture relates the mission and role of the community college to some aspect of American society, national or local. The criteria for selection includes excellence of achievement in instruction, enthusiasm for teaching in the community college, and evidence of concern for community college students.

The selection committee consists of the Meramec Campus President and the three most recent Faculty Award recipients.

Below, you'll find the recipients of this award.

Faculty Lecture Award Recipients

Susan Waugh, Ph.D.,
Professor/English 1988

Mary Sprague, A.B., A.M.,
Professor/Art 1989

David Campbell, D.S.C.,
Professor/Biology 1990

Richard Baker, Ph.D.,
Professor/Political Science 1991

Gerry Welch, M.A.,
Associate Professor/Economics 1992

W. Paul Illert, M.A.,
Associate Professor/Philosophy 1993

Richard Kalfus, Ph.D.,
Professor/Foreign Languages 1994

Sharon Godwin, M.A.,
Professor/Nursing 1995

Joseph F. Dunne, M.A.,
Professor/English 1996

Lillian Seese, M.S.,
Professor/Mathematics 1997

David Tylka, M.S.,
Associate Professor/Biology 1998

Richard Michalski, M.A.,
Professor/English 1999

Linda J. Tiedt, M.S.,
Professor/Physical Education 2000

George Wasson, M.A.,
Professor/Economics 2001

Diane E. Carson, Ph.D.,
Professor/Communications 2002

Bob Allen, M.S., M.F.A.,
Professor/Art 2003

Marco Romero, M.A.,
Assoc. Professor/Foreign Languages 2004

Fredna Scroggins, Ed.D.,
Professor/Behavioral Sciences 2005

Jim Greer, M.A.,
Professor/Communications 2006

Wil Loy, Ph.D.,
Professor/English 2007

V. Anne R. Wessely, M.B.A., C.P.A.,
Professor/Accounting 2008

Dianne Breitwieser, Ph.D.,
Professor/Communications 2009

Larry McDoniel, Ph.D.,
Professor/English 2010

Vicki Ritts, Ph.D.,
Professor/Psychology 2011

Angela Grupas, Ed.D.,
Professor/Communications 2012

Michael Hauser, M.S.,
Professor/Chemistry 2013

Donna J. Werner, Ph.D.,
Professor/Humanities 2014

John Hughes, Ph.D.,
Professor/History 2015

Kelly Ballard, M.A.,
Professor/Mathematics 2016

J. Michelle Rebollo, M.A.,
Professor/Theatre 2017

Julie High, M.S., P.T.,
Professor/Health Services 2018

Gail Heyne Hafer, Ph.D.,
Professor/Economics and Statistics 2019

Michael Swoboda, M.F.A.,
Professor/Graphic Communications 2020

Ana Lúcia de Carvalho Cruz, Ph.D.,
Professor/Education 2021

David Hanlon, M.F.A.,
Professor/Art 2022

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