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Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS)

Use this guide to find and evaluate information and resources related to diagnostic medical sonography.

About Videos

Videos can be a rich source of information for research, adding visual, sound, and movement to illustrate concepts beyond what can be described in words. Feature films and documentaries on DVD are available in each campus library, and are listed in the library catalog along with the books. Streaming video can be accessed through the library databases. These range from short educational and historical film clips to full-length movies and documentaries. 

Searching for Videos

Use ArcherSearch to find the widest range of videos from the STLCC library collections, including DVDs at the campus libraries and streaming videos from our largest video and film databases.

To limit your results to just videos, start by entering your search terms below. Once your results appear, click All filters, then scroll through the menu to find Source type, and select Videos.

Or go directly to one of the streaming media databases.

Sonography video, FIlms on Demand


Drawing on sonar technology, sonography uses sound waves to see inside the body. This program visits Thomas Jefferson University Hospital to study how sonographers put this technology into practice. An ultrasound scan is done on a middle-aged man and on an expectant young mother, and the results are reviewed and explained. The subspecialties of sonography—general ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, and echocardiography—are also explored from a career perspective, and the growing demand for sonographers is discussed. A Cambridge Educational Production. (13 minutes).


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You may also be able to find useful videos about a career on free Internet sites such as YouTube. Try a phrase such as diagnostic medical sonography or use the keyword ultrasound (some of these are videos of ultrasounds posted by excited expectant parents). There are also videos posted by universities and professionals in the field, but caution is advised since there are a number of mediocre sites as well. Caution: YouTube is a classic example of one of the strengths and weaknesses of the Internet, which is the fact that anyone can post videos. As such, the quality and scholarly acceptability of videos varies greatly. There may be useful video clips on YouTube, however, so it is worth a look. Before referencing any material from YouTube (or other video sites on the Internet) in a paper or using a clip in a presentation, though, it is highly advisable to check with your instructor concerning the acceptability of the video for the assignment.

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