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Economics: Find Books

This guide will help you find reliable information on economics, in both print and electronic form.

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Keyword Searching

Every item owned by an STLCC library is listed in the College's Library Catalog.  Each listing is called a record.  A powerful way to search for books on a particular topic is to perform a keyword search, which looks for records containing the words you use in your search.


  • Example keyword search: economics
    This will find all records in the STLCC catalog which somewhere contain the word economics.  Records generally include a book's title and author, as well as descriptions of its subject matter.  In addition, a record may include a book's chapter headings or a summary of its contents.  Therefore this search will retrieve all records with economics in any of these areas--including a novel which contains the word economics in the title or a video with economics listed as a word in the summary of the item.  
  • Narrowing your search with and.  Example keyword searcheconomy and international
    This will find all records in the STLCC catalog which somewhere contain both the word economy and the word international.  By using and between keywords in a search, you've specified that all of your keywords must be present in the record for it to appear in your results.  Using and in a search allows you to narrow down the kinds of records you get. 
  • Using truncation.  Example keyword search China and econom*
    This will find all records in the STLCC catalog which somewhere contain both the word China and any words beginning with "econom," such as economic, economics, economy, economist. Using an asterisk at the end of a keyword is called truncation, and lets you search for word variations.

Subject Searching

Library of Congress (LC) subject headings are special, standardized words and phrases which describe the primary subject(s) on which a book focuses.  Searching by subject heading rather than by keyword often allows you to look for books on a particular topic more efficiently.

Since LC subject headings are included in a book's catalog record, looking at the records you get from a keyword search can help you identify appropriate subject headings.  A reference librarian will be happy to help you with subject searching.

Below are just a few examples of subject headings you will find in the STLCC Catalog.

  1. Economic development
  2. Economics (See the 58 related Subject Headings here)
  3. Economics - Psychological aspects
  4. Fiscal policy -- United States
  5. Globalization -- economics
  6. International finance
  7. Macroeconomics
  8. Microeconomics
  9. Monetary policy - United States

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