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BrowZine User Guide

BrowZine delivers thousands of academic e-journals available through STLCC Libraries to your mobile device, tablet or desktop

BrowZine Account

All you need to do to browse, read, and download articles from BrowZine is to log in with your STLCC credentials, but to get the most out of Browzine, create a BrowZine account.

  1. In BrowZine, click on My Articles, My Bookshelf, or Settings (gear icon).
  2. Choose Sign Up to create your BrowZine Account.
  3. Provide your email address (does not have to be your STLCC email) and create a password. 
  4. Click Sign Up - it's that easy!

Once you have an account, you will be able to:

  • Use My Bookshelf to personalize your collection of favorite journals.
  • Get notifications for new issues.
  • Use My Articles to organize articles into collections and keep track of those you've read or want to read.
  • Sync your favorites, collections, and settings across all your devices.
  • Use your account to connect directly to BrowZine in a mobile app, without logging in through the library first. 


My Articles

  • With My Articles you can save articles you find on the Web, iOS, and Android versions of BrowZine into one or many collections within My Articles and then sync across all the devices you are using via your BrowZine Account.
  • The iOS and Android versions of BrowZine have the additional feature of being able to save full text PDFs for offline reading.
  • Articles within the collections can be deleted, copied and moved to other collections. New collections can be created and deleted as well. Regardless of the device used for these operations, all changes are reflected within seconds across all devices, provided in internet connection is available.
  • Currently, you may save 500 articles. This may increase in the future.

My Bookshelf

What you can do with My Bookshelf:

  • In My Bookshelf you can organize your favorite journals so that the current issue is just one click or tap away.
  • Choose the "Add to My Bookshelf" button when viewing a journal to add that journal to My Boobrowzine bookshelf on a mobile phonekshelf.
  • Then organize My Bookshelf by moving the journals between multiple "shelves" and "bookcases" as well as renaming the shelves and bookcases to whatever you'd like!
  • When you login on any device, this configuration will automatically sync to that device and display red bubbles indicating you have new articles in that journal.
  • You can store 64 journals in My Bookshelf: 16 in each bookshelf.

To set up My Bookshelf:

  • Click My Bookshelf at the top left area of the BrowZine screen.
  • You will be asked to login or sign up to use this feature.
  • Click sign up and follow the prompts.
  • Note: you do not need to use your STLCC email to set this up. In fact, BrowZine recommends a non-institutional email account be used. That way, if you are affiliated with another library that has BrowZine, your My Bookshelf can be accessed from either institution's BrowZine service.



BrowZine Help & FAQs

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