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Deaf Communication

Use this guide is to find reliable information and resources related to Deaf Communications, American Sign Language (ASL), Interpreting, and Deaf Culture.


Use this guide to find reliable information and resources related to Deaf Communications, American Sign Language (ASL), Interpreting, and Deaf Culture.

American Sign Language (ASL) is a fully-developed language that has its own unique grammar and is distinct from English as well as from English-based sign systems. The purpose of this research guide is to provide information and resources related  to Deaf Communications, American Sign  Language (ASL), Interpreting and Deaf Culture.


Which is correct... Deaf, deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing impaired? (written by Amy Frasu, MA, CI/CT, NIC Advanced, BEI Advanced)

Which is correct ? There is no easy answer to this question because it is impossible to create a definite rule that is acceptable to everyone. In most cases, an appropriate label depends on how the person identifies himself or herself, rather than a specific degree of hearing loss. It is preferable to use a specific term - Deaf, deaf, or hard of hearing.

Read entire article with links to additional information at the Deaf Linx web site below. 

Information about Deaf Communication Studies at STLCC-FV

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Deaf Communication Studies: Interpreter Education is a 68-credit-hour program that consists of a comprehensive, sequential and integrated series of courses intended to provide students with the necessary mastery of the theory, techniques and skills required to enter the profession of interpretation.

American Sign Language as a Foreign Language

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