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Nurse Educator Resources

This guide provides nursing faculty resources for developing effective clinical education strategies and more.

CINAHL Database

Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) is a comprehensive index to professional nursing literature and related fields, including citations, abstracts and full text of journal articles, dissertations, and other materials. Indexing 3000 nursing & allied health journals, over 600 with full text are provided. The Advanced Search option includes the CINAHL Subject Headings Thesaurus.  

CINAHL Help Sheets & Tutorials

How to Tell if a Nurse Wrote the Article

  • Check reference for author affiliation.
  • Check first page of article for author.
  • Find author on internet.
  • Find another article the author has written.
  • Use CINAHL database Advanced search limits - "First author is nurse" or "Any author is nurse" (from mid-2009 on)

How to Get Tables of Contents Updates

Want to be notified by email every time a particular journal is updated in CINAHL? Follow these steps to get the table of contents for new journals emailed to you automatically as they are uploaded. The frequency of these emails depends on how often the journal is published – weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

  1. Open the CINAHL with Full Text database from the library website. If you are off campus, you may need to log in for database access. 
  2. Sign in to CINAHL. If you don’t have a free CINAHL account, you will need to create one. (See Create an EBSCO Account Help document.)
  3. Click Publications at top left of the CINAHL search screen.
  4. In the publications search box, type the journal name or browse journals from the A-Z listing below the search box. NOTE: Journals are available full text if there is a PDF Full Text icon in the journal list.
  5. Click blue underlined journal title to select the journal. 
  6. On next screen, Click Share on far right of screen.
  7. Click E-mail Alert.
  8. Set up journal table of contents alert the way you want it. Enter the email address where you want tables of contents sent. Change Subject Box if desired.
  9. Click the Advanced settings link at the bottom of the page to set how long alert will run. (Default is one month.) You may also receive an email message to extend how long tables of contents alerts will run.
  10. Click Save.

PlumX Analytics

Some articles in CINAHL contain Plum Print widgets that are useful for judging the research importance of individual articles. Plum Print is an article-level widget that visually changes based upon five categories of color-coded metrics - Usage, Captures, Mentions, Social Media, and Citations.

Metrics in Plum Print are continuously updated, covering articles published since 2013.

Hover over the Plum Print widget with your mouse to view the metrics for an individual article. Click on "see details" link for more in-depth information.

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