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Middle East Complexities: Culture and Conflict

Use this guide to find and evaluate information and resources related to Middle East complexities. 

Maps that Explain the Middle East

Gulf2000 Project - Maps and Statistics Collections

All maps and their accompanying texts that are hosted by this Gulf/2000 web site are original, authored and produced by Dr. Michael Izady who retains exclusive copyright. The maps may be used for personal and educational use, crediting Dr. Izady as author and Gulf2000 as host. Maps are frequently upgraded by Dr. Izady, who offers educational programs and risk strategies training to members of all branches of the United States Armed Forces, including the U. S. State Department.


Forty Maps that Explain the Middle East, by Max Fischer, hosted by Vox

Maps can be a powerful tool for understanding the world, particularly the Middle East, a place in many ways shaped by changing political borders and demographics. Select this link to view 40 maps crucial for understanding the Middle East — its history, its present, and some of the most important stories in the region today.

map of Middle East


Northern Africa and the Middle East

Map of Northern Africa and Middle East

map of Northern Africa and Middle East

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