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Middle East Complexities: Culture and Conflict

Use this guide to find and evaluate information and resources related to Middle East complexities.  Resources on this guide will help you understand and analyze the often conflicting cultural, religious, political, and historical forces at work in the Mid

An Ancient Land

Map of Ancient SyriaSyria's history dates back thousands of years.  Ancient Syria covered a substantially larger area than the modern, troubled country. Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel were all part of this ancient area that is often distinguished by the label "Greater Syria." Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the desert, it was an important area mainly because it formed a land-bridge among three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. While lately in the news for its civil war, this ancient land boasts a rich and fascinating culture well worth exploring. (Click on Ancient Map for larger view and source information.)

This page focuses on Syria's history, culture, and current civil conflict. Further information on Syria may also be found in the other sections of this library research guide. Scroll all the way down this page to see the full range of available resources.

"Did you know that the oldest piece of annotated music known to history comes from Syria and dates back to well over 3,200 years?"  -- Source: Heritage for Peace website

Syria - Background, History and Culture

STLCC Libraries - Books

Destruction of Cultural Sites and Cultural Preservation

Maps of Syria from Gulf 2000

These maps are from the Gulf 2000 Project, which focuses on  major issues concerning the Persian Gulf region and surrounding areas. Together these maps help provide a multidimensional view of Syria.

Use the magnifying glass option appearing on most of these maps to enlarge images and text.

Syrian Artists and Writers

Beautiful Syria

 This video was designed for the SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society)

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