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Internal guide for STLCC Librarians


Every time someone retires, we get a question about how they go about getting “Emeritus” status in Banner.  What I have found out is that we need to contact Karen Jones in HR to have it changed in Banner after she checks to be sure the person retiring is eligible. Her contact info is:, ext. 5259.

Board Policy states:

“C.24.3 Retirement Privileges - Emeritus Staff (R3/06) Emeritus staff are those employees who have retired after 10 years of full-time service to the College and are eligible to receive a retirement allowance from the Non-certificated Retirement Plan or the Public School Retirement System of Missouri. The following privileges are available to emeritus staff: • Parking privileges at all locations upon securing a valid parking sticker as is required of employees. • Library privileges at College libraries. • Unless specified otherwise in Board Policy or in a unit resolution, emeritus staff may continue the College group medical insurance upon retirement until age 70 or, for certificated employees, as prescribed by law. As prescribed by law, upon retirement, employees are eligible to continue their participation in the College's medical insurance programs, subject to provisions of the medical insurance plan contract. Emeritus staff selecting such insurance will pay the full costs involved, including any applicable administrative costs. • Maintenance fee waivers for courses at the College will be available for emeritus staff members, dependents, and spouses. These privileges are available to previously retired employees who are receiving a retirement benefit from either the Non-certificated Retirement Plan or the Public School Retirement System of Missouri, as of the date of adoption of this policy.”

(Email message from Marilyn Souchek, 7/3/2017)

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