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Company Research

This Library Guide will help you research company information from current news to financial statistics.


Welcome to the Company Research Library Guide on researching company information. Whether writing a reasearch paper on the history of a company, or on a company's financial status, or just doing personal research into a company gathered here is all of the information needed to conduct the proper search in one place.

This Library guide will provide listings of the best sources that the library has to offer for company research, as well as showcase the best the internet has to offer on company research. 

Where to Start

This guide will take you through the step by step process of conducting company research.

Follow the tabs from left to right, to begin researching. There is a wealth of information out there on companies in various different places. When researching a company no matter how big or small it is best to start with obtaining the location and directory information of the company.

After obtaining the directory information, next head to the company profiles tab where information on how to find a company profile is provided. This information includes, but is not limited to: how the company operates, basic history information, overall financial health, and company leaders.

For financial information on a company, best spots to find  finance information is summarized under the tab Financal Information.  This tab includes various databases, as well as up to the minute internet sources.

Finally, Current New Reports/Articles/Books is the last tab, this page offers tips on how to locate more thorough articles as well as some analysis of the company in question. Also RSS feeds are linked directly to business websites of importance for up to the minute company news.

Sometimes the best source for company information is from the company directly, just remember the company wants people to buy their goods, so they will always provide the most positive information, and not provide any negative news.  When visiting a company's website be sure to note any discrepancies between information previously obtained.

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