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Streaming Media (For Faculty)


Watch Media Education Foundation videos anytime, anywhere!  MEF has partnered with Kanopy Streaming Service to provide this exciting new digital video delivery service.  

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Popular Films

To use any of these videos in your class, please copy and paste the entire URL into Blackboard


Empathy Gap: Masculinity and the Courage to Change

Filmmaker Thomas Keith examines how sexist and misogynistic messages short-circuit men's ability to empathize with women, respect them as equals, and take feminism seriously.

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Guyland: Where Boys Become Men

In this powerful new film based on his bestselling book, sociologist Michael Kimmel maps the troubling social world where boys become men -- a new stage of development he calls "Guyland."

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Illusionists: A Film About the Globalization of Beauty

The Illusionists examines how global advertising firms, mass media conglomerates, and the beauty, fashion, and cosmetic surgery industries are changing the way people around the world define beauty and see themselves.

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TV Family: Behind the Scenes of the First Reality Television Program

In 1960, NBC aired what is widely considered to be the first "reality television" show in American broadcast history which purported to document the day-to-day lives of the 10-member Robertson family of Amarillo, Texas.

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