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Instruction Librarian (IL) Guide

Providing policies, procedures, and other useful information for STLCC's Instruction Librarians


Students are at the Center of Our Work

Look for ways your work contributes to student success. If you don't see a connection between student success and your work, think of a new project or process that could make the connection. Student success is our highest priority.

Instruction Librarians Teach

STLCC Instruction Librarians help students define their research needs, choose resources, develop search strategies, evaluate search results, and assist in understanding citation formats. In the electronic environments of e-mail and chat reference, librarians strive to instruct, guide, and coach rather than just provide answers.

Whenever possible, interactions with students should be transformative, not transactional. A transformative interaction is one in which some kind of positive change takes place -- it could be as simple as a change in the way a student understands the organization of materials in the library, or a change in the way a student understands a particular step research process or even a change in the student's sense of belonging at the college.

Simple ways to create transformative experiences:

  • Begin the research interview by introducing yourself and asking the student's name.
  • Focus on your role as an instructor; students learn best when they can practice using a search tool or database. Instead of conducting a search for a student and giving them the information (transactional), walk and talk them through the steps to take in doing research (transformative).
  • Always inquire if the student would like assistance locating a book or physical spaces in the library; accompany them to the stacks, the academic support center, quiet study, etc. This often provides an opportunity for other teachable moments.
  • End interactions by asking if they have any other questions.

Instruction Librarian Orientation

Note: This list is also available as a Word doc in "New Hires" folder on shared drive: STLCC-Library-Faculty

Things to Know and to Ask Questions About

  • Systems Log-on with credentials / Email / Office365 & OneDrive / Shared Drive Access /Shared Calendars  / ColllegeWeb (intranet)
  • Be Proactive – Ask Questions! Also take the initiative to ask to sit in on any library instruction class when it suits your schedule. We are looking forward to learning from you as well.
  • Orientation to the Research Help Desk
  • Remember to login to LibraryH3lp CHAT when you are at the research help desk and log out when you leave.
  • Instruction Librarian Guide -
    • LibraryH3lp Chat sign-in instructions, recommended practices, etc.
    • LFG (Library Faculty Group) – Agendas/Minutes
    • Contact numbers/referrals by campus
    • Professional Development
  • Toolkit for Librarians Guide -
  • In-depth Library Tour & Introductions
  • Campus Tour – campus map; especially of referral areas (learning labs, Academic Support Center-ASC; Campus Life, Career Development, Cashier, etc.)
  • STLCC Faculty ID card – get card at Campus Life in Student Center.
  • Scheduling Library Instruction Class Requests – Enter in MS Outlook Calendar (use of request forms optional)
  • Library Instruction Classes / use of NetSupport in Library Computer Lab (IR-202) at FV
  • Ask a Librarian
  • STR:050 – Smart Start Library Class Instruction; materials, process
  • Feel free to shadow colleagues reference interviews with students & library instruction sessions
  • Library/College Policies: Printing, Disaster Plan, Governance, Computer Use, etc.
  • Library Website Exploration, including Databases Exploration
  • Springshare Library Guides, Research Guides, Course Guides / LibApps Login / Training
  • Email Communication Sr. Library Manager/Reference/Circulation
  • REFLIB list (Colllegewide reference staff and managers)
  • Collection Development, campus processes may vary; ask questions
  • Each One Teach One:  Did you discover some cool new feature on one of the databases or Microsoft Office features? Share your discovery with the staff!
  • SafeColleges: Complete mandatory training modules (FERPA, Sexual Harassment, Implicit Bias, Computer Security, etc.)
  • College website exploration, including STLCC Faculty and Staff Resources / Benefits (HR) / Joint Resolutions (FT & Adjunct)

Library Guides:Help for Faculty  /    Help for Students


Technical Stuff / Resources / IT


  • Printing, Public – Print Servers in Library

Forest Park: Network printers are FP_WEST_FRONTDESK_ C4535 (west side of library) FP_EAST_C4535 (east side of library) / Dedicated color printer station: Canon C3530i-USB (back of library, students sign in at circ desk to use)

Flo Valley:


Access / Rights / Permissions for Instruction Librarians (FT & Adjunct)

  • Keys (Key Card at FP)
  • Ask a Librarian
  • Chat
  • LibGuides
  • Shared Drive (STLCC-Faculty-Library, FP-Library folder & FV-Library folders)
  • Calendars (FP Reference, L101A, L102A-Seminar Room, L102B-Library Computer Classroom)
  • REFLIB distribution list (currently maintained by Janice Hovis)
  • Blackboard
  • Send email to request to be subscribed to receive campus weekly newsletters sent by Marketing and Communications. Campus Contacts:


This guide was created by borrowing from and adapting the LCC Library’s Reference & Instruction Guide. Thanks to the Lansing Community College Library Reference Services Team and their leader Suzanne Sawyer for granting their permission for use.

St. Louis Community College Libraries

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